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India Newborn Action Plan (INAP)

The India Newborn Action Plan (INAP) is India’s committed response to the Global Every Newborn Action Plan (ENAP), launched in June 2014 at the 67th World Health Assembly, to advance the Global Strategy for Women s and Children’s Health. The ENAP sets forth a vision of a world that has eliminated preventable newborn deaths and stillbirths.  INAP lays out a vision and a plan for India to end preventable newborn deaths, accelerate progress, and scale up high-impact yet cost effective interventions. INAP has a clear vision supported by goals, strategic intervention packages, priority actions, and a monitoring framework. For the first time, INAP also articulates the Government of India’s specific attention on preventing stillbirths. INAP is guided by the principles of Integration, Equity, Gender, Quality of Care, Convergence, Accountability,  and Partnerships. It includes six pillars of  intervention packages across various stages with specific actions to impact stillbirths and newborn health.

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